Squid with Spinach Fusilli
Squid with spinach fusilli, red chili peppers, red bell pepper, onion, carrot, garlic, grated Parmesian cheese and basil
Salad: Arugula, celantro, basil, red pepper, carrot with olive oil and vinigar
Salmon Japanese
Squid with Spinach Fusilli
Shoga-yaki teishoku
Spicy Chicken Breast
BBQ Porksteak
Catfish Japanese
Onigiri rice balls w/t salmon
Fried Rice w/t sausage
Spicy Fried Chicken
Beef Taco
Cherry Pie
Croquet and Shumai
Japanese Curry
Motsu Nabe
Chinese Ramen in Japan
Gumbo Japanese
Pearsonal Shabu Shabu
Tonkatsu Teshuku
Hand Roll Sushi
Sashimi Ice House
Unagi Teshuku
Squash Soup
Healthy Spaghetti
Grilled corn in sesame oil (brush of soy)
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